~A Symphony in Geek~

by Kitty&Rhys

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Mundane Nirvana is currently over.
There may the occassional random sketch from time-to-time, but basically...THE END.

If you want a comic that continues regularly, may I recommend
Dark Welkin
...the latest endeavour of MN's friendly neighborhood artist.

Click here and we'll love you forever!
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If you're the type that finds sarcastic cynicism painful,
enjoys conforming to society's expectations of you,
or pronounces "homosexual" like it's four words,
all of them bad, this is not going to be the comic for you.
See that little "x" in the top of your browser window? Click it. Thanks.
There will also be occassional language.


Questions and Comments can be sent to us at: mundanenirvana at excite dot com






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