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This is the first piece of fanart we got, from a friend of ours named Mike K.
And aren't they just adorable?

And this was the second piece, sent in from Ninja-raVen.
Now this is what Willow needs for a costume!

(I am in love with Willow's kitten. I must have it.)

These are our first "officially submitted" fanart, by Jade Wings.
(In both lineart and color, no less! Oooh!)

Fellow webcomicer Bridget gave the girls a old new look!

This adorable depiction of our main girls is from Elizabeth.

A sweet look at a lovely couple by a friend of ours from back home, Emily.

These adorable images are both from Caitlin Magnusson, who has made Willow a very happy person indeed! (And yes, that is Theodork's head, why do you ask?)

Because no good freedom fighter should leave home without her spray paint, as Foxpillow shows us!

That's Willow's name in Tengwar at the bottom. Thanks, Tem, that's awesome!
My--I mean, her, inner Elf is squeeing! ;)

This is a lovely fancomic about Willow and bad ideas, by Amara-San.

This is Kitty and Willow (who just wants to maim something,
is that so wrong?) by Taiki.

This is Willow, looking just ever so sweet...and deadly, by Jai-miyazaki.

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