Mundane Nirvana

Mundane Nirvana

~A Symphony in Geek~

Cast List

The self-named Mistress of Randomosity, but her title has yet to be disputed. She's a Theatre major with an unhealthy appreciation for Russian literature. She's Catholic, but doesn't let her religion think for her--that's what that grayish thing in her skull is for. Her best friend is...

A cynical idealist, and if you ever meet her that oxymoron will make sense. She has little tolerance for fools and less for those fools attempting to flirt with her. She's more than willing to stand out and stand up for who and what she cares about, whatever the consequences. She's a Sequential Art major, and always a good source of sarcasm.

He's in his third year here, and is yet another Theatre major. He tends to get cast as the romantic lead, and his only problem with that is the ickiness of kissing girls. Ho, and lack of decent death scenes. However, he has no problem with the spotlight, having pratically grown up under it. He's making plans to encourage his boyfriend Elliot to be more confident in it.

A Theatre major suffering from stage fright. If he could star in a play without being the center of attention, he'd do it in a heartbeat. As it is, he prefers the smaller character parts that give less anxiety and risk of asthma attacks. Of course, his boyfriend might have something to say about this lack of self-confidence...

She was Mary-Sue's roommate, but Willow's brand of "evil" recently rescued her. An Illustration major, she's unafraid to voice her opinions...but can she get up the guts to ask her crush out on a date?

She already has a master's degree in the Fine Art of Procrastination, which is helping her get through her major in Stage Design. Very shy and wary of people, she's far-from-eager to be outgoing but her new roommate doesn't look like she'll stand for that. She and Willow have quasi-bonded over avoiding people at parties.

James is a Film major who wanders around with his precopis ever-present acoustic guitar. He's nice, perhaps too much so for his own good, and he owns the certifiably coolest patchwork pants in the history of humankind.

Olivia's a Communications major with a flair for the dramatic. She hosts a late-night/early-morning radio show right after Mary-Sue's...because after a show called "Jesuscentric" you definately need a healthy dose of easygoing darkness.

A Philosophy/Anthropology major just starting her first year here, although she's closer to Adrian's age than her fellow freshmen, having taken a few years between high school and college to peruse the work-force. She's pretty crazy and the only problem she sees with being older than her new friends is that she somehow ended up as the mother figure when she's just happier being just as immature as the rest of them.

She makes it really easy to hate her. A psychotically over-evangelical Catholic, she makes everyone else's lives hell by telling them they're going to Hell--and believing it wholeheartedly. She's also a Communications major, and uses her radio show to "save" every soul she can lay her hands on. Her best trait is that she's easy to bait for amusement purposes.

Also known as "Theodork," as Willow christened him--is the Assistant Manager of "Happy Harvey's Hamburger Heaven" and on a constant power-trip. He's a business major and is not to be trusted. A complete asshole, he may just be the best poster child pro-choice could ever have.

Dana's a perky Creative Writing major with infectious good humor. She's notorious for hug-attacks and if anyone were to attempt to steal Kitty's title, it'd be her. Fortunately, she's content to be the Mini-Mistress.

Sloane rounds out our cast of Theatre majors by being the lovable asshole. The former when he digs his head out of his butt, and the latter when he's being oblivious to the rather severe case of foot-in-mouth disease he seems to suffer from.

Daryl's an exceptionally sweet Sequential Art major and his super-power is a heightened sense of empathy. He can read moods like Professor X can read minds. He's very easy-going and adaptible, which will help mellow out the room he shares with the excitable Trent.

Trent is a Sequential Art/Game Design major who's far too idealistic and enthusiastic for his own good. His life goal is to revolutionize the industry by creating the biggest super-hero ever. He might be a little out-of-touch with reality, but he means well.

Kitty's roommate and she's every National Lampoon college ditz ever, only sluttier. She seems to have achieved a life goal when she was hired by Hooters and is thrilled at the idea of having hundreds of men staring at her rather hard-to-miss boobs. She's a Fashoin Merchandising major, and the less cloth involved, the better.

Willow's roommate and a sorority girl who just can't pledge yet--in the worst way. Majoring in dance, she's just as bad--and as shallow--as Clarissa, whom she either befriended or hates. Probably both.

Jenny's majoring in Chemistry, which makes her the resident science geek. She's a self-contained unit, content to spend her time reading or IMing her long-time boyfriend Matt.

The infamous BritBoy...this bloke definately spells trouble...

This being a webcomic, things like "shoulder consciences" can be illustrated.
These are Kitty's...

And these are Willow's.

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