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An awesome comic that updates with hysterical insanity every day!

Something Positive
- Feeling sarcastic? Cynical? You have nothing on S*P.

- Can one pay rent with panties? Find out here, because Arienna knows all! (Because it's her world, duh!)

Friendly Hostility - A great comic by Sandra, the creator of Boy Meets Boy which has stopped updating but has plenty of great archives.

Oh the funny...and oh pretty, too! :D

A comic I've recently discovered about a post-Zombie apocalypse...and gracious but it's amusing!

Ctrl+Alt+Delete - Best gaming comic ever.

Shortpacked - A comic about toys (and working in retail hell) by David Willis

- A great "indy" comic that updates every week-day.

- Now with actual slingshots!

- A girl opens a comic book store, and pretty art ensues!

- Love, life, and the Aztec god of alcohol.

- Sarcasm and French wit. Zut alors, mais c'est magnifique!

What happens when a wolf marries a rabbit? You get an awesome comic, that's what!

It truly speaks for itself. And sometimes screams.

Fenwick Farm Bed&Breakfast, place of much hulaballoo.

If you have cats, or have spent any time around anyone that does, you will love this comic and laugh your head off.

A new, very funny story by the creators of Queen of Wands and Striptease.

- A really fun comic about a dragon, a squirel, a ninja kitten, some dustbunnies, and the girl that has to take care of them all.

Absolutely the cutest comic ever.

An absolutely beautiful, beautiful comic. Also, it has Elves!

- Lovely art, lovely story, amazing details!

- New comic with a nice fantasy story and absolutely delightful artwork.

A swingin' good time of a prohibition-era bootleg operation run by the most beautifully drawn cats you'll ever see.

In New York No One Can Hear You Scream. Oh yeah, and Jesus is their roommate.

A story about a seer and his assorted friends and relatives and the insanity that is their life.

- A theatrical story with a flair for the ghostly.

- You will weep tears of blood laughter!

- Politics, sarcasm, and geekdom. What more do you need?

- A pretty, funny comic about two "evil" little girls in brown.

- She's not who you think you think she is...

MISFILE - What happens when a drunk angel makes a mistake? "He" becomes "she" that's what!

As If! - supposedly it's "over" but I swear there are still updates going on...? Oh well, whatever's up with it, it's awesome!

A comic about two girls who are slightly less friendly but no less fun to watch.

Crap I Drew On My Lunch Break - It's really not crap; it's actually quite fun.

- You know this one isn't crap, it tells you in its title.

I Drew This - Mwahahaha, politics...heh heh heh!
Alice - she has the best imagination in the world and we're along for the ride.

- Very funny, as it's name says, as well as bizarrely interesting.

- Political gaming manga type--really weird, really pretty, and lots of fun.

- A great comic about the insanity of one person's head and all the people that live there. And a penguin.

- Not strictly a comic, but oooh so funny!
Read the funny bits. Actually, look at everything because it's beautiful art, but I love the funny bits sooo much!

- Showing my school spirit: this fun webcomic is done by a fellow SCAD student. Werewolves, vampires, and mages, oh my!

To see the "real" artist's adventures, check out Prepare for Tomorrow, another SCAD-done comic by a friend of mine.

More school spirit: Darksided is done by another SCAD student! Everyone has a dark side... Even if she's lazy, and hasn't made a banner yet. ;)

Another comic written by Sorcery 101's author is The Impression That I Get...which is also drawn by the artist of Mundane Nirvana--namely, me!
And is now apparently dead. :(

- Not a webcomic, but a site for an actual printed comic that is beautiful beyond words. How beautiful? Well, it's technically a "romance" story...and I love it! So there you go, shockingly good!

- The best place to get awesome fonts, both free and pay. We use 'em and we love 'em; you should do the same!

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